Service From Start to Finish

At Fannco Builders Inc. and Brelle West Construction, we believe that your project should be kept as simple and straightforward as possible, regardless how complex the task(s) may seem.

We care strongly for our business and how it reflects. Those who choose our team for their projects will learn just what we mean. Besides world-class customer service, the links below will give you a brief overview of what we can do for you.


An Overview of Our Services


Pre-Construction: We will be in constant communication with the owner/architect/engineer or any other party involved in the process before breaking ground. This helps keep the budget constraints met and assesses accountability.

Construction: Our specialty! We will build/remodel/improve your structure to your expectations and our standards.

Construction-Management: Safety, quality, time, etc. all have to be managed during any project. We handle this and then some!

Commercial Property: Building Your Successave Money?

We understand the unique issues facing commercial property owners. It just so happens we specialize in commercial work of many types.  If it can be built, we can build it (and they will come)!



Industrial Standards


We have an extensive and successful history working in the industrial sector with metal buildings. These steel-framed structures are in for a long hard road ahead, and they are up for the challenge.



Residential Development: Home Sweet Home


We understand that your home will probably be the largest investment of your life, and we want you to rest easy knowing you have the best-built house on the market. All our employees are committed to helping you throughout the entire construction process: from the first set of drawings to the keys landing in your hand.

















































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