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Since 1996, we have carved out a niche in the Self Storage market. We continue to build award-winning storage facilities up and down the west coast,

Texas and Hawaii, and we're not turning back!


Mt. Diablo Self Storage



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       Napa Valley Wine Storage

Re-Ply Roofing: No Need to Re-Roof, Re-Ply


Fannco Builders Inc. and Brelle West Construction, LLC are proud authorized dealers for Astec Re-Ply Roofing Systems. And with a reputation like theirs, it's a match made in the U.S.


What is Astec?

Discovered by Insulating Coatings Corporation, this new technology was inspired by the successful use of ceramic materials in the NASA space program to reflect, refract and dissipate heat during vehicle re-entry. A step forward was taken to apply that same durable, protective and energy-efficient principles to a coating that could be used in roofing, wall and industrial applications.

Since 1986, their mission has been to dedicate themselves to the production of high quality, environmentally friendly, fluid-applied membranes and systems that solve industrial problems, improve appearance and save energy, while adding to the weather tight sustainability of restored roofs, walls and industrial surfaces.


Here is a visual for application on a metal roof.


Here is a visual for application on a asphalt roof.


All Astec re-ply roofing systems come with a 10-year warranty on material & labor! Warranties ensure a sustainable,weatherproof cool roof. At Warranty term, ASTEC RePly roofs can be restored to spec and the warranty renewed at a marginal expense.

This awesome stuff can be applied to almost all roof types!









Solar PV: Cleanly Powering Our Future


If your utility bills are ruining your mood, say no more. We can get you all the info you need to help you decide that getting a solar pv system is the way to go! This great investment is catching on rapidly, so don't wait too long! The more and more people that are paying less in utility costs, the more it will cost to those who don't have it!

How Does Solar PV Work?

Photovoltaics (PV) is the method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation (sunlight) into direct current (DC) electricity using semiconductors (solar cells). These solar cells make up solar panels and each of them exhibit the photovoltaic effect.


After sun rays hit your solar panels, a direct current is formed and that heads toward the inverter. The inverter inverts it to an alternating current (AC), which is what powers most everyday objects we use/need. Any excess current goes through your meter and is sold back to your local utility. When there is no sunlight, you are buying power from your utility service.


How Does Installing Solar PV Save Money?

Wondering if a solar pv system is right for you? Consider the following benefits:

-  Rising utility rates have a minimal effect

-  Produces clean, renewable energy which helps our eco-system

-  Tax-free return on investment + 30% tax credit

-  Adds up to 20% to property value

-  No moving parts = no required maintenance











































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